What is Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity?

Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity, located in Potsdam, NY, offers men an opportunity to unleash their potential by developing a unique set of skills and unparalleled camaraderie through the application of traditions and values that we teach with like-minded men. As a brother of DK, you will be better prepared for the challenges of life that you will face both as a college student and long after graduation, all while creating a more rewarding college experience.

As you read about our history, the DK Mansion, and the Delta Kappa Theta Academic and Professional Development Program, you will learn more about our valued Brotherhood and also why men join the Brotherhood of Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity.

Learn about these programs and more beginning with "Why Join Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity?"

Delta Kappa Theta Crest