Delta Kappa Theta on Social Media

As you have read, "Brothers of Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity develop lifelong friendships with each other as we strongly emphasize our traditions, expectations, and reputation of fraternity based on our history and the bond of our unique brotherhood".

DK on and DK on are social media opportunities that help the active members and the alumni of Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity socialize, network, and stay current on brotherhood events involving the entire fraternity and also the lives of our individual members. On a daily basis these platforms continue to help Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity further develop and expand the bond of our unique brotherhood.

Our founding principles of Leadership, Honorableness, and Uprightness have been instilled in a vast array of men across the globe, and today thanks to social media we are all connected and can communicate with one another now more than ever. Social media technology has allowed for Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity and all of the brothers, both older and younger, to continue to have the experience of...

"...his friendship transcends the boundaries of school to exist for a lifetime..."

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