why Join Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity?

This is a complex answer as it's difficult to quantify the reward.  While some students may choose not to pursue Greek life, it would be virtually impossible to find a member of DK who would have it any other way.

Prepare for success

Far above the bond of eternal friendships and great memories, The Brotherhood of Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity offers men a rare and exciting experience to help prepare you for success, both as a student and as a man. As a member of DK, you will develop the skills and confidence to address life's challenges for many years after college. Not only will you learn these lifelong skills, but you'll also develop lifelong friendships as Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity strongly emphasizes our traditions, expectations, and reputation of fraternity based on our history and the bond of our unique brotherhood.

Traditions, skills, morals, and values

Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity also provides men the opportunity to learn our traditions, skills, morals, and values which have been patiently fine tuned towards life today thus helping you function as a successful member of society in your personal life, professional life, family life, and as a member of your own individual community.

Work hard, play hard

We also employ a philosophy of work hard, play hard.  Finding a unique balance between helping others, growing ourselves, and still having fun, is the reason DK has become one of the most recognized organizations by the college.

If you seek to become a successful individual, and if you value friendship as described above, DK might be able to help you accomplish these goals. A brief history of Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity continues your journey to learning more about who we are.