Q: How do I become a member of DK? This sounds awesome!

A: You're right! It is awesome, but joining Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity is not for everyone. To clarify, it's open to EVERYONE.  We don't discriminate. If you have what it takes, it will give back far more than you give. It is not a clique. Nor is it just a place to go to meet people. It's for people who are willing to commit. Commit to discovering their true potential, and unlocking the door to a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.

The first thing you should do is talk to an active member of DK on campus or at the DK Mansion. Introduce yourself and tell him that you're interested in learning more about joining the Brotherhood of Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity. He then can begin to direct you to get to know DK. Eventually you and the fraternity can decide if this is an opportunity that should be pursued to the next step.

Q: What are the Greek letters for DK?

A: A DK Man will be wearing a maroon and white T-shirt or sweatshirt with these letters on them.

Delta Kappa Theta Greek Letters

They stand for the Greek letters Delta Kappa Theta

Q: I enjoyed reading about the History of DK. Do you have any more information about the History of Delta Kappa Fraternity?

A: Yes. Here is some more information that shares a little more in depth History of Delta Kappa Fraternity.

Q: Recently I was reading a Potsdam phone book from 1961 and I discovered that DK used to have a different address. Do you have a picture of the old DK house?

A: Yes we do. Here is a picture of the former DK house that was located at 31 Elm Street in Potsdam.

31 Elm Street 1961 Yearbook